Influenced by the skullduggery and honky tonk blues of Tom Waits and Nick Cave, the simple sentiment of Daniel Johnson, the slutty vibe of The Velvet Underground and the cheekiness of Ian Dury, Big Top Heartbreak is Scott Lavene. Raised in Essex and east London he spent teens and early twenties playing in various bands and making a nuisance of himself in New York, France and London. The songwriting led to interest from major labels but at the same time a serious health condition arose which drove him underground for five years. Living on a boat and trying to find the unfindable, a maudlin and solitary life took over.

Two bob jobs onto more two bob jobs eventually led to a major breakdown and he spent six months in a house for the bewildered where some peace was found for the first time. Upon leaving, Scott began writing songs again for the first time in years. The passion was back. With more direction and gusto, this has become Big Top Heartbreak. Songs full of sorrow and hope. A captivating and honest performer live. Tales from the underbelly, stories from the sordid, always laced with love and a glint in the eye. A voice capable of both menace and delicacy. Piano ballads. Gypsy foot tappers and filthy blue growlers. Something for everyone.