Paris and other news

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It’s a funny old game.

One week i’m in Paris in the offices of a major label talking about management and publishing to some very connected people and the next week I’m playing my songs to an empty room in Kings Cross. Well, not quite empty. The other bands were there and what should have been slightly embarrassing for all of us turned out to be a very beautiful experience. Without an audience we just played to each other and told stories. There wasn’t the excuse of a world cup final or a snowstorm. Out of the three bands that played not a single one of our fans, friends or families turned up. Boo fucking hoo. I didn’t play live music for six years so i’m often just incredibly grateful to be playing somewhere other than a grotty bedroom and for anyone at all to appreciate it. I played at CBGB’s in 2005 to an audience of two. Played my fucking heart out.

As for Paris there may be some fine news on our horizons but the proof of the promise will be inside the pie but i’m hoping that my new gallic chums may give me a reason to get over there with a harmonium, a strat and a bucket of songs to tear them apart.

I’m going to be recording some new demos to keep fresh music flowing as the album is on standby until at least the autumn. For now adieu.