First single

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Away from the comfort of solitude and into a studio proper, like. The first time in quite a few years. The last time i was in a studio i remember arriving but not leaving. It was chaotic bedlam. Anxiety laden and lacking in romance. It rained inside and out. And the outcome was shit. Shouty shit. Not this time oh spotty children. There was ease in the air. The engineer knew what he was doing and knew what i wanted. The harmonium came out and then the guitars. No drummer…. Another first. Piotr the violinist showed up at lunchtime with a banana and a bucket load of talent. I listened to him play and wept. I love the man. Vocals last. In tune screaching and a spot of the croon. A sharpish mix and master and the job was done. The product is beautiful and furious. Cheap and charming. Dark and delicious.  A prelude to the album that will probably be recorded in Bath in September. Thanks to Gareth Matthews at Absolute Music.